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Plant Biotechnology Unit
at the IAM, BOKU

Technical facilities

Plant tissue culture laboratories

Plant tissue culture laboratories at IAM

Research glasshouse

glasshouse at IAM glasshouse at IAM

Insect-proof screenhouse for the maintenance of virusfree motherplants

SARAN-house at IAM SARAN-house at IAM

A Saran-house is a permanent building with double walls of tightly woven special tissue (SARAN). Such a construction guarantees a conservation of virus free elite motherplants under conditions avoiding AIR- and SOIL borne re-infection with viruses and other pathogens.
This can be achieved by special precautions of the construction, like an entrance lock, a drainage tube surrounding the exterior walls and a large gravel around the construction to avoid surface water flooding the screenhouse.
Given the low winter temperature that are to be expected in this geographic location, large pots containing smaller pots with plants are "immersed" in the gravel and especially isolated during winter to avoid frost damage to the root system. A glass roof avoids snow damage on the nets.

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